A gesture made simple

remains complicated

minds search and 


as they become 

mere shades of thought

mere shades of thought

It’s hazy 

it's unclear

one begins to wonder

the intent as both

giver and receiver

in time 

reverse their roles


very little thought

very little thought

An awakening of sorts

A dawning

an awakening of sorts

one person reaches out

the object of attention

fades away

another person backs off from

a grasp so weak

maybe promising

So many thoughts

So many thoughts

For what they seek

remains known

only to them

like the sound of 

the winds

they blow and make 


their music

a sound of their thoughts

a sound of their thoughts

A Drum-less Beat in My Heart. poems by Weruche. © 2008

The Nosey Gal Sits - Sonnet (with Iambic pentameter)

I am afraid of this growing love dear

my heart awakens with a new sad cheer

retreating then reemerging each day

but the fear within says you are not here

you are trying to be far away now

the nosey gal desecrates your matter

noisy ways rob you her ego shatters

respectable you are the country’s love

grabbing ways swallow and usurp your brand

too much sinking is getting out of hand

she proves nothing we spy through the façade

clean up the canvas quick go fast above

the nosey gal cares not for labor’s value

sitting watching as people surround you

 I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023


We're Alike!

It's in your voice

Your words



We’ve been here before
the signs have gathered
the subtle clues

I’m holding out

For your appearance

In full form

In this incarnation


I'm waiting for you

I have no choice

our hearts' ideal


I’m holding out

I’m staying put

In full form

In this incarnation


I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023



can make us

no words 

will break us


on this day

I know something 

to be true 

because I felt it

you are loved

you are loved

I love you

 I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023

love comes

I believe love comes

to heal us

to hear us

to give us a song

only our heart knows

I See You, Too © 2023. Weruche Poems

Simple Pleasures

Watching snow flakes bright

defoliated trees in sight

brings to focus life’s pleasures

simple gifts as treasures

The Sahara in view

a wonderful display as I flew

The dune spread out far

with hopes even of the North star

Candlelight glows on polished wood

the smell of bread baked good

Simple gifts as treasures

these are life’s simple pleasures

A glint from a lover’s eye

wordless gestures that do imply

passion two souls yearning

their hearts for each other burning

The early morning bird

its beautiful sound is heard

Music one of life’s gifts

a joy that to the soul lifts

Water a taste so refreshing

for our dying thirst a blessing

Chocolate strawberries and milk

the feel of wool fur and silk

The birthing of a child

animals living in the wild

Simple gifts as treasures 

these are life’s simple pleasures

A Drum-less Beat in My Heart. poems by Weruche. © 2008


What is this I hear

I lay my head thinking

It used to be tenderness

But now I hear thunders

Heavy discomforting sounds coming at me

Is that your voice

Can't be

It used to comfort

It used to heal

The sound could make trains stop in their tracks

it could melt the arctic ocean in winter

it would make me sleep sometimes

Gently oh softly I drift

It shrouded with its magic

Calmed with its tone

I've longed for my music

The sound of your voice

Speaking so calmly

Speaking its words of wisdom

As I took my chance with life

Could it be

it's faded into nothingness

Did it exist

or a figment of my imagination

A wish I have had for years

It's coming at me now

It's sending chills down my spine

My head pounds

as I feel the blow

It's coming

It's coming


I look up 

I say a prayer

One I hope will see me through

I feel it

It comes again

My peace is taken from me


My grief is back

My pain

can this ever end

will I live to smile again

can I get one wish dear God

one wish

can you give me peace

you promised peace

Can you give me

Will this end

will it

The sound


they are coming back

I look up as I lay crumbled

I look up

Can you give me peace

A Drum-less Beat in My Heart. poems by Weruche. © 2008

*Say no to domestic violence. If you see something, say something**

Seasons of time

As green leaves of trees 

bud and bloom

so do our lives

and like fallen leaves

blown by the wind

quiet banter

whispers and words

float away

leaving their meaning 

or whatever is left of it 

etched in time



A Drum-less Beat in My Heart. poems by Weruche. © 2008




Go away now

if the divine didn't send you

please let me be

so the devil doesn't have his way with me

and drink my tears like French wine

save us both from the torment

loving this stranger feels like missing the sun

you never met


endless conversations in the shower

laughter and dreams

at the midnight hour

at dinner time

your seat is empty

your seat is so cold


this stranger I never met

you tell me to search within

for buried treasures

and gifts

the ones that hear conversations

when no lips are moving

and dream dreams about you

every night

those treasured gifts

where conversations with souls past

Linger nightly

until the sun is up

messages passed from one dimension

to the next



those gifts

those gifts


run away now

save me from me

and take with you

your fine soul

and my untiring longing

for you

I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023

Timelessness of a warbler

end of an era

yellow breasts 

graze the sidewalk

hands in air

tail goes aflutter

one last dance

for this eternal being

its beautiful songs

awaken at dawn


one last greeting for me

as I glide along

the pavement too

returning to a glimpse

beholden by its



one last dance

one last chortle

one last chance

for sun rays

beaming clearly

embodying a song


yellow-breasted warbler

or are you a Robin

you greeted me

with all it took

all you have left

in this last hour


I greet you back

like the cedar waxwing

dancing by my kitchen door

awake and vibrant


I honor the end

I honor the start

I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023

soul recognition

Two encounters

 is it three

first an Adonis

a bearded samson

with wisdom

 of the sages


next comes the songbird

with a heart

that hears deep notes

a soul seeking an escape

then comes the aquarian girl

with a chart like mine

emerald green and chatter

gave this one away


it finally clicked

they've sent spears and arrows

to get me

out of my slumber


I see them now

they see me now

they know I see them now


but there are more of them


I'm awake


I see them now

they see me now

they know

I see them now

 I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023



 If you're feeling it 

I'm feeling it too

if you're dreaming it

I'm dreaming it too

today you came

one step closer

even though I could not tell

if it was you

or another

I hoped you would tell me

about the color of my eyes

or my lingering scent

like sweet amber


I know you felt what I was feeling

but you were too shy to say

so you hide

while I contain my joy all-day

it was you today

I know this is true

I know you felt what I was feeling

But you were too shy to say

 I See You, Too. poems by weruche ©2023