By Tiana Harris | February 2022

At 6:00 am on Christmas morning, I woke up to a very quiet house. Then I looked outside the window and saw this magnificent view in my front yard!

For me today signifies a deep reminder of the importance of the season. LOVE through Christ and I embrace it!

I quickly grabbed my cellphone and proceeded to capture the rare but beautiful, reddish skies- in my bathrobe, at 6 am. 

For me, it's the little things that remain the joy of Christmas: peace and quiet, spending time with my amazing children, dancing while I cook- that sort of thing. 

Over the years, I have come to enjoy the predictability of the day and have made the little things my tradition. This year is no different and I intend to enjoy what it brings. 

Luckily, this year I also get to spend the day with my mom- so I look forward to cooking traditional Nigerian dishes like Ugba, Egusi, and pepper soup!